Asset-finance LTD - Above & Beyond Your Expectation

Our Team

Oliver Garcia, CEO & Founder, brings a strategic vision and in-depth knowledge of the Forex market,Gold investment and Stock trading with 17+ years of hands-on expertise with Global Go-To-Market initiatives.
Philip Thomas brings an unrivalled expertise in Stock market and the Gold investment field gained over 15+ years of professional trading.
William Davis, head of Portfolio Management, brings with him a vast wealth of Stock trading, Forex and Gold investment experience.
Kevin Jones,head of Financial Market Advisory, joined the company in 2010 with 12+ years of industry experience.
Mark Harris started his career at Asset-finance LTD in May 2009 as the company’s consultant and later went on to become Co-Head of Portfolio Management in 2011.
Andrea Brown, head of Structured Investment Solutions, joined the company in 2009 with 8 years of industry experience.
Joe Miller has many years of hands-on experience in the fields of High Frequency Trading, Quantitative Modeling and Management of teams of Analysts.
Michael Smith joined Asset-finance LTD in November 2008 as the Head of Global Research and Analysis.
Betty Hall, head of Marketing and Public Relations, has 8 years of industry experience.